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Your Beautiful British Virgin Islands

I am delighted to announce that the BVI are well and truly back on track and welcoming visitors back to their beautiful shores.

The sailing companies have been back in business for some time offering a full selection of yachts – monohulls, catamarans, power boats and crewed yachts.  There are also yachts by the cabin available for charter at very economical prices which include all meals and drinks.

Sebastian’s on the Beach on Tortola is re-opening in March and the Sugar Mill (also on Tortola) will re-open on 1st April.

Anegada Reef Hotel on Anegada and Anegada Beach Club both opened last December and would love to have you visit.

The sand is still white and warm, the sea is still turquoise and the stunning British Virgin Islands is still uncommercialised and unspoilt….just come and see for yourself.

Call BVI Holidays to book your visit to the beautiful BVI.

The British Virgin Islands Fight Back

I guess you will be wondering about the state of play in the beautiful BVI and when hotels are going to be up and running etc. etc..  For most people, it is going to be some months but the good news is that the Sugar Mill on Tortola plans on re-opening mid-December and so too will the Anegada Beach Club on the island of Anegada which was not too badly affected by the hurricane.  The sailing companies are already taking delivery of new boats and looking positively towards the future.  Beach bars and restaurants are being rebuilt ready to receive their clientele both new and returnees.  Tourism is the BVI’s main industry and the islands need your support.

Think of booking a holiday for 2018 – a lovely combination would be a week (or two) on a yacht and a week at the Sugar Mill or the Anegada Beach Club.  If you can’t sail, don’t worry, a skipper can easily be arranged and you can sit back with a G & T, relax and enjoy the beautiful British Virgin Islands.

The beaches are still beautiful and the waters still shimmering turquoise blue.

Tempted?   Call BVI Holidays to book what will be a truly memorable and magical experience.

Surf City Here We Come!

People who have never been say “You can’t surf in the British Virgin Islands” – “oh really?” I reply “I beg to differ”.

The waves in the BVI are some of the best in the Caribbean and this means they are world class.  Around the islands’ north shores between the months of November and March, they have waves for beginners, intermediates and even a few for serious advanced surfers.  Waves are generally 20’ from peak to trough, not as huge as what you will see in Hawaii and Australia, but anyone who knows about surfing knows that size isn’t everything!

Steve Howes and Icah Wilmot set up “Surf School BVI” for beginners and intermediates and teach kids of all ages from 8 – 80 and some!  It is located at Josiah’s Bay on Tortola which is a perfect spot to learn or brush up on your existing skills.

Amusing quote….”I’ve always assumed that ironing boards were surf boards that stopped pursuing their dreams and got real jobs” – Mervin Horswill.

If you are interested in surfing, learning to surf, or know anyone who is, please call BVI Holidays on 01279 871188 and I will be happy to arrange flights and accommodation for you.

Image from Surf School BVI

11,000 Virgins Martyred!

You may know that the British Virgin Islands were discovered by Christopher Columbus on his second voyage to the New World in 1493, but did you know that he called the islands, the Virgin Islands after the legend of St Ursula and the 11,000 virgins martyred by the Huns in the 4th century.

Another interesting fact is that a coaling station on Peter Island in the BVI was the last port of call of the royal mail ship, RMS Rhone before she sank off neighbouring Salt Island during a hurricane in 1865.  Today the wreck of the Rhone is a world famous dive spot in the beautiful BVI.

If you would like to dive the Wreck of the Rhone or snorkel the waters of the beautiful BVI, call BVI Holidays and I will be happy to arrange this for you.

Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum!

Dead Chest Island, is an uninhabited National Park and has three dive sites reached by dinghy from Deadman’s Bay on Peter Island in the beautiful BVI. Coral Gardens is a friendly site for novices and snorkelers and gets its name from the many massive heads of brain, star, and sheet corals resembling an aquatic garden. Dead Chest West offers an interesting archway, caves, bowls, and mazes. Dead Chest Island reputedly got its name when the notorious pirate Blackbeard, after a mutiny, put 15 men ashore on this island with only a bottle of rum, hence the song: “15 men on a dead man’s chest, yo ho ho and a bottle of rum.”

If you enjoy snorkelling or diving, Dead Chest is only one of the hundreds of excellent dive sites available for you to explore in the British Virgin Islands.

                                                                                                                                     image courtesy of John Sievert
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I know I don’t usually convey special offers in my Blogs but this is too good to miss and I wanted everyone to know about it!  Peter Island Resort and Spa are offering a whopping 30% discount off the cost of a 7 night stay based on their Ocean View Deluxe room price, plus an automatic complimentary upgrade to a Beachfront Junior Suite with double jacuzzi bath, between 19th August and 19th November 2017.  The offer price includes breakfast, afternoon tea and dinner daily, return airport transfers within the BVI, non-motorised water sports, fitness centre, yoga classes, tennis courts, complimentary soft drinks, tea, coffee and mineral water in your room, island tour and access to arguably the best spa in the Caribbean (treatments additional).  This offer is on a first come, first served basis and will not be repeated.

Cost from £2215.00 per person for 7 nights – flights additional.

Don’t miss out, this is only for a limited time – call BVI Holidays today to book this amazing holiday.

One of the fabulous beaches on beautiful Peter Island…..

Merry Christmas!

In the summer doldrums?  Need to add some holiday spirit to your life?  Then join a flotilla of Puerto Rican boaters, along with dozens of other fun-loving party-goers for Christmas in July in Virgin Gorda’s North Sound in the British Virgin Islands.

Held this year on 23rd July, Christmas in July attracted hundreds of boats from Puerto Rico for a sun and rum soaked week of music, dancing and great food on Pond Bay, Virgin Gorda. Puerto Rico is a power boater haven and 500 vessels, large and small, will converge for events that cater to all ages – from young singles, to grandparents and kids. Marketing entrepreneur and event planner Marcos Rivera along with friend Wally Castro have been organising the event that attracts upwards of 2,000 people since 2007. “It’s a great event,” says Marcos, who advertises Christmas in July throughout Puerto Rico.  “People from Puerto Rico love Virgin Gorda and a good party,” he adds.

To complement the festivities, the popular yachting resort, The Bitter End Yacht Club, held its 17th Sea and Salsa Celebration, bringing world-class cuisine, water sports activities and entertainment to the event from July 21-24. There was also a lobster fest,  scavenger hunt and a cooking demonstration among other activities.

At the helm was guest celebrity chef, Mario Pagan, one of Puerto Rico’s most acclaimed culinarians. Pagan is the Executive Chef at Dorado Beach, the owner of three of San Juan’s top restaurants and the author of two books on cooking and food. Chef Pagan, who specialises in playful and dynamic flavours, featured an elegant multi-course menu in the Bitter End’s Clubhouse restaurant, along with a lively Chinchorreando menu at the resort’s Crawl Pub.

A great time was had by all and if you would like to experience Christmas in July 2018 in the beautiful BVI, call BVI Holidays to book today!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Anegada – A Robinson Crusoe Island

Anegada – meaning “drowned island” is the most northern of the beautiful British Virgin Islands.  Surrounded by coral, it can be every sailor’s nightmare but IS every beach lover’s dream.  You can walk for miles on Anegada’s pristine white sand beaches and enjoy snorkelling in the warm, turquoise blue waters.  You can also go bone-fishing, kitesurfing, kayaking or spot some of the 200 pink flamingos who have their home on Anegada.

The 18-mile (29 km) long Horseshoe Reef is the largest barrier coral reef in the Caribbean and the fourth largest on earth.  The reef makes navigation to Anegada difficult and charter companies often forbid clients to sail to Anegada to avoid running aground on the reef.

Anegada is the second largest island in the BVI and sparsely populated with only 325 residents.  Sometimes the visitors outnumber the residents!

Anegada Beach Club and Anegada Reef Hotel are two of the lovely properties that we work with on Anegada – both very different and each with their own charm.

If being on a Robinson Crusoe type island appeals to you….far from the madding crowd, then call to book your holiday to unspoilt and beautiful Anegada.  It is possible to combine two islands if you prefer.



UK Weather v BVI Weather

Wow – what is this weather like – one minute we are sweltering in 30 plus, degree heat and wearing next to nothing and the next we’re back to woollies and wellies!

Regarding the former, at least in the British Virgin Islands you can pack your summer gear and swimsuits, knowing you will use them every day and that the weather will be consistent.  When there is a short sharp tropical rainfall, it’s not actually classed as rain but….liquid sunshine!

Picnics and cocktails on the beach, paddling around in a kayak, snorkelling the crystal clear turquoise blue sea, lazing in a hammock slung between the palm trees….sounds appealing?  We are not talking Great Britain but the beautiful British Virgin Islands.

Call BVI Holidays to arrange this wonderful holiday for YOU and get packing!  Your hammock awaits…..

So You Want To Be A Sailor!

Sailing, and in particular sailing in the British Virgin Islands, is one of life’s greatest pleasures. You’re out there in nature – the sea, sun, wind and water are the ingredients that make for memorable sailing experiences. You become the master of your own destiny in a life of freedom and multiple choices. The wind calls the tune and at the end of the day you are moored in a quiet cove sipping a cool happy-hour cocktail.  I have been in a local beach bar many times and heard a visitor look seaward at a sleek sailing vessel and say, “Oh, I wish we could do that.” Well you can… and you should.

The British Virgin Islands is famously named “The Sailing Capital of the World” and this is no idle brag. With hundreds of beautiful and diverse anchorages all within easy reach, the archipelago is a sailor’s paradise. Pioneers like Charlie Carey of the Moorings and Bill Hurst of BVI Bareboats (now BVI Yacht Charters) saw this and began successful charter yacht operations back in the late 60s. Not far behind these visionaries were Steve and Doris Colgate, directors of Offshore Sailing School and Rob and Gina Swain of Swain Sailing. They saw the need for sailing instruction and took the plunge.

Today they are still at the helms of some of the BVI’s premier sailing schools.

When sailing in the BVI, you are always in sight of land, the navigation is easy and there is no fog.  If you would like a week ashore and a week afloat, this can be arranged or of course you can have the full duration of your holiday with the wind in your hair and the sun on your face.

Sailing is nothing short of exhilarating.  If you can’t sail and would like to learn, call BVI Holidays and we will be happy to arrange everything for you.