BVI Holidays


If you thought your stay in the beautiful BVI couldn’t possibly get any better – think again……

Recuperate from the stress of everyday life and become rejuvenated in BVI’s eco-friendly spas that utilise natural resources such as salt scrubs, mud and bush baths, aroma-therapies, seaweed, algae and clay wraps, hot stone massages, avocado body rubs and pomegranate scrubs.

There are many different types of Spas throughout the BVI offering varying relaxing treatments for mind, body and spirit. Most of the Spas are either beachside or situated on a hillside with amazing views of the British Virgin Islands.

Luxurious treatments include massages, scrubs and wraps, facials, hair treatments, manicures, and pedicures using top quality products.  Aromatherapy and reflexology are also offered at selected Spas throughout the BVI.

Diamond lifting and anti-ageing facials are extremely popular and you may also wish to indulge in an age-defying lip and eye treatment.

Aryuveda is a holistic health system from India that believes no problem in the body exists in isolation; everything you interact with, your diet, family, work, relationships, mind, body and soul, all have an effect on your health and wellbeing.

An Ayurvedic treatment will help diagnose imbalances in the body and prescribe regimes and patterns for preventing illness, and achieving a better, healthier life. The richly scented warm-oil massages are very nurturing, restorative and amazing for your skin.

The Spa at Scrub Island offers Ayurvedic treatments.

Your good health and well being does not stop however at a spa treatment – for those who wish to keep fit, as well as swimming of course, you can enjoy classes in yoga, pilates, power walking and even Zumba.  In addition to this, there are also fitness centres at selected hotels in the BVI.

The Spa at Guana Island

Guana Island

Don’t miss the unique experience of a relaxing massage at the Guana Island Spa on White Bay Beach, where nothing will distract you but the lapping sounds of the sea and the gentle breezes.  The experienced therapists on Guana Island in the BVI provide simple massages or special treatments either at the beach or in the comfort of your own room or on your private terrace.

An Aromatherapy massage is only one of the many different types of massage available on Guana Island.  This uses essential oils to relieve muscle tension and spasm and is very effective in easing pain and aiding relaxation.  The massage ends with a moisturising body polish in your choice of Cucumber, Mango Grapefruit, Lemongrass or Guava Fruit.


The Spa at Scrub Island

Scrub Island

Perched on a hillside overlooking the crystal clear waters of the British Virgin Islands, is the Ixora Spa by Elemis on Scrub Island.

The spa at Scrub Island, offers a place to relax, refresh and re-energise.  Treatment rooms enjoy breathtaking views of neighbouring islands and the highly trained therapists administer relaxing massages and a variety of other treatments which rejuvenate the mind and refresh the body.  Featuring antioxidant rich products crafted with natural botanicals and anti-ageing formulations, the treatments of The Ixora Spa by Elemis leave your mind peaceful, your muscles relaxed, and your skin beautiful.

Body wraps and scrubs, anti-ageing facials, age defying eye treatments, his and her massages and a host of other amazing treatments are available at the Spa on Scrub Island in the beautiful British Virgin Islands.

Ixora spa

The Bali Leha Spa on Necker Island

Necker Island

Leha Leha is the Balinese way of describing peace, relaxation and daydreaming which inspired the range of spa treatments on Necker Island.

The therapists use Aromatherapy Associates skincare range which is exclusive to Necker Island in the British Virgin Islands.

Aromatherapy Associates has been at the forefront of aromatherapy for over 30 years. They say: “From the beginning we have believed passionately in the healing powers of natural plant extracts, and our experience as therapists has shown us that essential oils are highly effective in enhancing the state of our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing”.

Every treatment on their spa menu has been hand-picked by Aromatherapy Associates especially for Necker Island in the beautiful BVI.

Both men and women have an excellent choice of spa treatments at the Bali Leha Spa on Necker Island.

Necker Island Spa