BVI Holidays

Water Sports in The British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands have lots to offer the active traveller with a good variety of watersports available for your enjoyment. There are plenty of exciting diversions for the watersports enthusiast to do – surfing, windsurfing, kayaking, kiteboarding, flyboarding (available on Virgin Gorda) snorkelling, and diving.  Freediving with tuition is available on Virgin Gorda and the company offering this will be happy to meet you at your yacht if you wish.  Stand up paddle-boarding is very popular in the BVI and a great way of exercising that’s lots of fun too!

An alternative to diving and snorkelling is SNUBA.

SNUBA allows you to explore a three-dimensional world you cannot experience while snorkelling.  Swim side by side with turtles and fish along the brightly coloured coral reef. Breathe through a simple to use regulator while your air supply floats on a comforting support raft at the surface.

Enjoy SNUBA at any depth – 2 feet, 10 feet or 20 feet. SNUBA is experienced at your own level of comfort and your SNUBA guide will be with you throughout your entire tour.

BVI SNUBA only offer private tours, it’s only you, your partner/family/party on their private SNUBA tours, so you get to set the pace – SNUBA at your own level with their highly trained instructors.

BVI Holidays also works with a company on Virgin Gorda, whose instructors will organise and take you on a kitesurfing safari.  You can kitesurf (or kiteboard) as much or as little as you want.  The choice is yours!

The HIHO (hook in and hold on) windsurfing competition is fun, very competitive and held annually in the BVI.  Various sailing regattas are held throughout the year in the BVI – contact BVI Holidays for more details.

Surfing has become increasingly popular in the British Virgin Islands. Because of the region’s topography of reefs, sand bars and point breaks, the BVI provide some of the best surfing areas and breaks in the entire Caribbean.  Most of the surfing is concentrated along the Northern shores of Tortola with the two most popular beaches for surfing located at Josiah’s Bay and Apple or Capoons Bay. There is a thriving local surf culture in Tortola and several local surfing contests are held during the season, which runs from October through April. There are several places to rent surfboards on the island of Tortola, as well as local surfing schools and surf shops.