The BVI is due to reopen its borders to visitors on 1st December 2020.  What a great day this will be!

The British Overseas Territory has handled the Covid-19 situation extremely responsibly from the word go.  As soon as it became apparent that the Coronavirus was turning into a pandemic, the BVI Government banned all cruise ships from calling into Tortola and Virgin Gorda, cancelled all of the sailing regattas and closed the borders, not only to visitors but to BVI residents also.  This resulted in a lot of the BV islanders being stranded abroad and not being allowed home.  Such was the severity of the government’s actions.  This was back in March and prior to our own lockdown.

This seemingly drastic action however, worked and as a result, they had very few cases of Covid-19 and sadly 1 death.  BVI residents were allowed to return home in June 2020.

The happy news is that the BVI recently announced that they were reopening to visitors from 1st December 2020.  Visitors will be required to have proof of a negative Covid test within either 3 or 5 days of arrival.  3 if you have travelled from a high risk country or 5 days if you have not.

Visitors will be tested on arrival into the BVI and be required to quarantine for 4 days either at their chosen accommodation or aboard their yacht.  On the 4th day, they will be given another test and if this proves negative, they will then be free to travel freely around the BVI.  They will be given a tracking bracelet to wear and will also have to download the tracking App.  Everyone over the age of 5 years will be subject to these protocols.  They cannot be too careful.

The total cost for all of the above is $175.00 per person payble upon arrival.

Some may say they are being too strict but I don’t think so.  They cannot be too careful or take any chances.  The BVI Government’s main concern is for the safety of the islanders and the safety of their visitors.

Flights are available for December and accommodation is also available but… fast since this great news was made public a few weeks ago.

My advice would be to book for 2021 and have a wonderful holiday to look forward to in the paradise that can only be the British Virgin Islands!

Whether you like to sail, have a quiet relaxing holiday at a boutique hotel or a combination of lazy and adventure – you will find it all in the beautiful BVI.

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