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Guana Island Is Back!

It’s beautiful, it’s quirky, it’s historic, it’s scenic and … it reopened on the 1st of August.


Guana Island is one of the leading hotels in the BVI and they welcomed their first guests since the devastation caused by Hurricane Irma, on the 1st August.

This private island getaway, home to 18 suites and 4 villas, is renowned for its natural beauty, its commitment to local and organic sourcing and its pristine beaches.

Guana, has completed a significant restoration project that included refreshing all 18 suites; cleaning and restoring the landscaping, including its famous organic orchard; adding a new water filtration system and running all of its vital infrastructure below ground.  It has been a huge project.

The orchard on Guana Island has also added three new greenhouses (including removable roofs) and even 100 new chickens who supply eggs to the Guana kitchen.

For the walkers amongst you, Guana has 12 miles of hiking trails – some can be quite challenging – An ascent of Sugarloaf Mountain’s 806-foot summit will be rewarded with a stunning view of the surrounding British Virgin Islands, or… can just relax on the beach with a cocktail and a good book.

If you would like to spend some time on beautiful Guana Island, call BVI Holidays – we would love to arrange this for you.

Stunning Anegada

Your hammock awaits….

Anegada (meaning drowned island) is the northernmost island in the British Virgin Islands and about a 5 hour sail from Beef Island where the airport is.  It lies approximately 15 miles north of Virgin Gorda and is the only inhabited island in the BVI formed from coral and limestone rather than being of volcanic origin.  It is also the second largest BV Island but only has a population of around 300.

Unlike the other islands in the BVI, Anegada is flat and low with it’s highest point being about 28 feet.

Anegada has miles of stunning white sand beaches and the 18-mile long Horseshoe Reef, the largest barrier coral reef in the Caribbean, and the fourth largest on earth.  The reef makes navigation to Anegada difficult and has caused hundreds of shipwrecks over the years. The sailing companies in the BVI ban sailors from taking their yachts to Anegada in case they run aground on the reef unless of course the skipper is very highly qualified.

Fishing is a substantial business on Anegada, with local fishermen providing the majority of the fresh fish and lobster catch for the rest of the British Virgin Islands, hence the famous “Anegada Lobster” offered on almost every lunch and dinner menu.  Its miles of south shore flats has a large population of Bonefish making Anegada a popular destination for fly fishing.  You do need a permit, but these are easy to obtain.

The Anegada Beach Club is located on one of the stunning beaches and has recently added brand new Beachfront Palapas Retreats which are truly amazing.  Great kite-surfing here too!

If you prefer to do your own thing and have a small villa, look no further – the Big Bamboo Cottages on beautiful Loblolly Beach are definitely the place to be and……right next door to the Big Bamboo Beach Bar and Restaurant, if you don’t fancy cooking.

The snorkelling off the Anegada beaches is second to none and you might even be lucky enough to see this little fellow or one of his brothers or sisters.


Two or three centres can be arranged to include Anegada and any of the other British Virgin Islands.  Call me to discuss and book your next holiday!



SNUBA in the BVI

SNUBA (Surface Nexus Underwater Breathing Apparatus) is an amazing underwater adventure which is perfect for couples, families, children and seniors. Learning to SNUBA in the BVI is easy and does not require any Scuba diving certification or previous experience; if you can breathe, look and kick your legs then you can SNUBA. It is also a terrific way for certified divers to introduce non-certified partners and family members to the beauty of the underwater world in the British Virgin Islands, many of whom then go on to become certified divers.

SNUBA allows you to explore a three-dimensional world you cannot experience while snorkelling. Swim side by side with turtles and fish along the brightly coloured coral reef. Breathe through a simple to use regulator while your air supply floats on a comforting support raft at the surface.

Enjoy SNUBA at any depth – 2 feet, 10 feet or 20 feet. SNUBA is experienced at your own level of comfort and your BVI SNUBA guide will be with you throughout your entire tour.

One of the greatest features of SNUBA is that guests do NOT have a tank strapped to their back.  SNUBA guests breathe though a standard regulator system and mouthpiece. Air is delivered through a positively buoyant (floating) 20 foot air-line that is connected to the compressed air tanks in the SNUBA raft on the surface. The air-line allows guests to dive to whatever depth they feel most comfortable, up to a maximum depth of 20 feet. You can “power snorkel” at the surface or go down to 2 feet, 5 feet, 10 feet or to the max at 20 feet.

Guests are also trained how to use the air-line for a “hand-over-hand” controlled ascent and descent as well as using it to maintain their vertical control over fragile coral in the British Virgin Islands.

You can learn to SNUBA in the BVI in 3 easy steps……

  1.  Participate in a 15 minute safety briefing and learn all about using the SNUBA equipment and what to expect during your guided experience
  2. Get geared up for your BVI SNUBA experience with your mask, fins and weight belt.
  3. Swim, breathe and explore the amazing underwater world of the British Virgin Islands at your comfort level guided by a highly skilled and trained SNUBA professional. 
What does one wear?  Answer – what you would normally wear to go swimming – no struggling into a wet suit, then having to strap on a tank.


If you would like to visit the stunning British Virgin Islands and experience SNUBA, do call to discuss your holiday requirements – I would love to hear from you.


My Recent Trip to the Beautiful BVI

I have recently returned from the British Virgin Islands – my first visit since Hurricane Irma struck last September.

I was very encouraged by what I saw.  I visited many properties – hotels, villas, yacht companies and also the odd beach bar….research, honestly!

Everyone has been pulling out all the stops to rebuild and restore their properties to their former glory and make them even better.  Some of the hotels have re-opened and many villas and apartments are also up and running and look amazing.

One of the villas I visited was the beautiful Sunset House which has been completely restored, renewed and has been welcoming guests since 1st June.  It is a beautiful 5 bedroom villa with pool overlooking stunning Long Bay Beach on Tortola.  It’s fairly unique as breakfast is included in the rate and the villa comes with the services of a maid and a cook who will also cook dinner for the guests – you just pay for the ingredients.

Sunset House has 5 bedrooms but if there are less people, you will only be charged for the bedrooms that you actually use.  It’s great for a family or a group of friends and has many repeat clients.

The rates start at a very reasonable £700.00 per person for 7 nights based on 10 people sharing and including continental breakfast.  It really is excellent value for money.  Flights additional.

I also visited Sebastian’s on the Beach at Little Apple Bay which was very close to completion.  They had already installed brand new windows, doors, furniture and lovely new soft furnishings were waiting, ready to be unwrapped.

Sebastian’s re-opened their Beachfront rooms on 1st July and they are even more amazing than before and…..what a view!

Prices start at £560.00 per person on room only basis.  Flights additional.

There are many beautiful properties throughout the BVI that have been restored to their former glory…….just waiting for YOU!

The sailing is still amazing and has been fully up and running since January – take your pick from monohulls, catamarans, power cats and motor yachts – the choice is yours.

Do pick up the phone, I would love to hear from you.

BVI Restaurants and Beach Bars

Since Hurricane Irma paid an unwelcome visit to the beautiful BVI last September, everyone has been busy rebuilding hotels, beach bars and restaurants.  Many have already opened and are welcoming their guests.  The Paradise Club on Cane Garden Bay, Tortola is back up and running and serving cold beer and great food.  Neptune’s Treasure on Anegada has taken the opportunity to build a bigger and better Tiki bar and assure you that “your jungle juice and fresh seafood are waiting!”

Captain Mulligans Sports Bar at Nanny Cay on Tortola re-opened last October and is showing the big games and serving, sandwiches, pizza, burgers, quesadillas and lots more.

Coco Maya on Virgin Gorda is back to serving amazing food and drinks in a great atmosphere – such a stunning place to hang out.

The painkillers are flowing again at the Soggy Dollar Bar at White Bay on Jost van Dyke and….it’s even better than before!

Pirates Bight restaurant on Norman Island – fabulous to see the yachts back and people enjoying themselves relaxing and having fun.

These are only a very few of the many bars and restaurants open for business – perhaps you would like to call to book your own visit to the stunning British Virgin Islands?

The Red Telephone Box is Found!

Pusser’s BVI recently released a “6 Month Hurricane Irma Update” with details regarding all of their properties including Pusser’s Road Town Pub on Tortola, Pusser’s Landing in Soper’s Hole on Tortola, Leverick Bay on Virgin Gorda and Marina Cay….a tiny island close to the airport.  Of particular interest is the announcement that the clean-up and rebuilding of Marina Cay has started.  The future for Marina Cay is good because the island is so naturally beautiful and popular with visiting yachties.

The clean-up was a massive job and took about 50 people more than 2 weeks, and barge load after barge load to haul away the huge amount of flotsam and jetsam that was strewn everywhere.  The most exciting announcement was that they located the old red telephone box lying buried on the seabed, but at quite a distance from the dock.  It’s solid cast iron, and must weigh at least 1500 pounds.  Nobody can figure out how it came to rest where it did. Soon, it will be raised and placed back on the dock where it belongs.

They are also going to open a new small restaurant in the patio that was outside of the store and a small Pusser’s Store will be opening in the Robb White House on the summit of Marina Cay.

All exciting stuff!

The iconic red phone box is back!

BVI Athletes to Compete in 2018 Commonwealth Games

The British Virgin Islands will be represented by ten athletes in two sports at the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games, which will be held on the east coast of Australia from 04-15 April, 2018.

The following athletes have been selected based on their performance in the national and international arena:

Track and Field athletes include Ashley Kelly (400m), Chantel Malone (Long Jump), Tahesia Harrigan-Scott (100m), Tynelle Gumbs (Discus and Hammer Throw), Trevia Gumbs (Discus and Shot Put), Eldred Henry (Discus and Shot Put), Khari Herbert (400m), and Kyron McMaster (400m Hurdles).

Squash players include Joe Chapman (Squash Singles and Doubles), and Neville Sorrentino (Squash Singles and Doubles).

Commending the athletes on their selection, CGA President, Ephraim Penn said that, the Commonwealth Games is one of the five main international sporting events that VI athletes aspire to compete in and it’s not easy to be selected.

“We have a restriction on the number of athletes that can take part in the Games and the selected sports men and women should be justifiably proud that their hard work and commitment has paid off. We are excited to be heading off with what is perhaps one of the largest and strongest teams to represent the territory at these Games.”

Noting further that Hurricanes Irma and Maria caused severe damage to sporting facilities in the BVI resulting in the set back of the progress of sports in the territory, Mr. Penn said they recognize the effort, determination and perseverance required by the athletes to stay on track despite the challenges that they faced from the impact of the storms on their homes and their families.

“And not least, the tragic loss of Athletics head coach, Dag Samuels. The CGA highly commends and congratulates all those selected and looks forward to the positive impact a successful Games will have on the morale of all our athletes and the territory.”

He added, “Australia is a long-haul trip and many of our athletes will begin their journey in a few weeks so that they can settle in, acclimatize and get on with their training regime ahead of their events.
The GC2018 opening ceremony will kick off when the Queen’s Baton Relay – the pre-cursor to the Commonwealth Games which toured through the Virgin Islands July 2 – 4, 2017 – is run into the Carrara Stadium and the Queen’s message to the athletes is removed from the Baton and read to the athletes.

With more than 6,600 athletes and team officials expected from 70 Commonwealth nations and territories from 6 continents to come together to participate in the Friendly Games, organisers of the GC2018 say that this will be the largest sporting event that Australia will see this decade and will be the biggest sporting spectacular the Gold Coast has ever seen.

Photo from BVI Platinum News

Talk about flying in the face of adversity!  I say “very well done” to these young people and their coaches who have had a very difficult few months, but have chosen to rise above everything that has happened and get on with their lives with grit and determination.  Good luck to them all!




Your Beautiful British Virgin Islands

I am delighted to announce that the BVI are well and truly back on track and welcoming visitors back to their beautiful shores.

The sailing companies have been back in business for some time offering a full selection of yachts – monohulls, catamarans, power boats and crewed yachts.  There are also yachts by the cabin available for charter at very economical prices which include all meals and drinks.

Sebastian’s on the Beach on Tortola is re-opening in March and the Sugar Mill (also on Tortola) will re-open on 1st April.

Anegada Reef Hotel on Anegada and Anegada Beach Club both opened last December and would love to have you visit.

The sand is still white and warm, the sea is still turquoise and the stunning British Virgin Islands is still uncommercialised and unspoilt….just come and see for yourself.

Call BVI Holidays to book your visit to the beautiful BVI.

The British Virgin Islands Fight Back

I guess you will be wondering about the state of play in the beautiful BVI and when hotels are going to be up and running etc. etc..  For most people, it is going to be some months but the good news is that the Sugar Mill on Tortola plans on re-opening mid-December and so too will the Anegada Beach Club on the island of Anegada which was not too badly affected by the hurricane.  The sailing companies are already taking delivery of new boats and looking positively towards the future.  Beach bars and restaurants are being rebuilt ready to receive their clientele both new and returnees.  Tourism is the BVI’s main industry and the islands need your support.

Think of booking a holiday for 2018 – a lovely combination would be a week (or two) on a yacht and a week at the Sugar Mill or the Anegada Beach Club.  If you can’t sail, don’t worry, a skipper can easily be arranged and you can sit back with a G & T, relax and enjoy the beautiful British Virgin Islands.

The beaches are still beautiful and the waters still shimmering turquoise blue.

Tempted?   Call BVI Holidays to book what will be a truly memorable and magical experience.

Surf City Here We Come!

People who have never been say “You can’t surf in the British Virgin Islands” – “oh really?” I reply “I beg to differ”.

The waves in the BVI are some of the best in the Caribbean and this means they are world class.  Around the islands’ north shores between the months of November and March, they have waves for beginners, intermediates and even a few for serious advanced surfers.  Waves are generally 20’ from peak to trough, not as huge as what you will see in Hawaii and Australia, but anyone who knows about surfing knows that size isn’t everything!

Steve Howes and Icah Wilmot set up “Surf School BVI” for beginners and intermediates and teach kids of all ages from 8 – 80 and some!  It is located at Josiah’s Bay on Tortola which is a perfect spot to learn or brush up on your existing skills.

Amusing quote….”I’ve always assumed that ironing boards were surf boards that stopped pursuing their dreams and got real jobs” – Mervin Horswill.

If you are interested in surfing, learning to surf, or know anyone who is, please call BVI Holidays on 01279 871188 and I will be happy to arrange flights and accommodation for you.

Image from Surf School BVI