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Romance on the Beach

Anegada Beach Club on Anegada in the beautiful British Virgin Islands now has something unique.  Something that no other property in the BVI has….tented rooms on the beach.  How much more romantic can it be…..

If you would like to be in that chair, on that beach… BVI Holidays and let us arrange this for you.

Affordable British Virgin Islands

So many people out there are under the mistaken impression that the British Virgin Islands are only frequented by those who have lots and lots of money.  Not so – BVI Holidays caters for almost all pockets.  We have numerous small, inexpensive hotels and apartments that we work with. 

There is the Sugar Mill hotel on Tortola where one week in the summer starts at £670.00 per person including breakfast, Sebastian’s on the Beach starts at £410.00 per person including breakfast. The Lighthouse Villas, also on Tortola – £270.00 per person, self-catering and Guavaberry Spring Bay on Virgin Gorda – £400.00 per person, self-catering. Flights are additional.  These are only a few examples of what we have to offer.  So, you see, you can afford the beautiful BVI……come on – this chair could be yours…..     


Great Deals for 2015

Apologies for my “radio silence”!  It was a very busy end to 2014 and an extremely busy start to 2015.  Happy New Year to you all!

Did everyone enjoy the Necker Island programme?  BVI Holidays has been inundated with enquiries and the Celebration Weeks are a great way to experience Necker without having to take over the whole island.  Biras Creek Resort on Virgin Gorda also started the New Year off with some amazing offers – 2 nights free in 7 in the summer including meals and a credit against your air travel and…1 night free during these cold, dark winter months!  Call BVI Holidays to book these amazing deals!

The Sugar Mill Hotel on Tortola is a great little boutique hotel offering friendly and efficient service and the food is amazing!

If you are looking at BVI Holidays’ website but just don’t know, which property is best for you, do please call and I will be happy to make some suitable recommendations to suit you and your budget too.


Richard Branson’s Necker Island

Necker Island in the beautiful British Virgin Islands – an experience like no other!

Most of you have heard of Necker Island owned by our very own Sir Richard Branson, but how many of you actually know what is on the island and what it is all about.  Usually, Necker is rented out to groups of between 20 and 30 guests – friends and families who may be celebrating a special birthday, anniversary, wedding or who just want to enjoy a week in the sun somewhere very special.

This is all very well, but what about those of us who find it hard to rustle up a group who can all have the same time off work, or simply don’t have “that sort of money” to spend.

The team at Necker came up with a solution that over the past few years has proved very popular.  Celebration Weeks were born!  These are selected weeks throughout the year that gives individual couples a chance to experience one of the most amazing destinations on the planet.  Costs vary depending on which room type you wish to book…from a King size bedroom in the fabulous Great House to one of the Bali Villas which are exceptional.

Celebration Week dates on Necker have just been released for 2015.  Call BVI Holidays today for dates and prices.

Come… paradise on earth at fabulous Necker Island in the British Virgin Islands.

The Beautiful British Virgin Islands

I have recently returned from what is probably my 46th trip to the British Virgin Islands.  The beauty of the islands never fails to amaze me.  Even after all this time, I catch my breath when I sit on the terrace at the Sugar Mill hotel on Tortola and have breakfast whilst gazing at Jost van Dyke and Sandy Spit, or dinner on the terrace at Biras Creek on Virgin Gorda watching the moonlight dancing on the water.  Lunch on the beach at Peter Island is special too, especially on a Sunday when the steel band are playing.  It’s amazing that I actually manage to do any work!

I just wanted to share something special with you.  When I stayed at the Bitter End Yacht Club on Virgin Gorda, I had the privilege of meeting two very special little people….they are very young, but one of them was happy to pose for the camera.

2014-11-05 16.16.512014-11-05 16.42.06

This lovely little fellow came out to say “hello” before deciding it was time for lunch and his “transport” awaited!  Next time we meet, he will be much bigger – I hope he remembers me!

The British Virgin Islands is one of the most special destinations on the planet.  If you would like to experience these beautiful islands, call BVI Holidays today and I will be delighted to chat to you and assist you with arranging YOUR special holiday.


Salt Water Fish Are Exciting!

There is something exciting about salt water fish!

The will to survive gives them their ferocity and tenacity.  A 16″ bonefish has three times the strength and stamina of a 20″ rainbow trout.  Pike are like kittens compared to tarpon.

Catching them “on the fly” is one of the most rewarding fishing experiences imaginable.  Caribbean Fly Fishing offer two kinds of trips – by Bertram and skiff or popular wading trips.

Add knowledgeable guides, doing this in the beautiful British Virgin Islands and state of the art equipment and you have the most satisfying fishing trip of your life!

Interested?  You can call BVI Holidays to arrange this for you.

The Weston Family’s 4th Visit to Bitter End

Another fabulous holiday at Bitter End; we all had a wonderful & relaxing time. Once again Joyce, thank you for your flawless organisation. We can’t wait for our return trip !

A Life on the Ocean Wave

Let constant trade winds fill your mainsail.

Whether you’re a first-time sailor or an experienced captain, when it comes to sailing in the British Virgin Islands, the Caribbean Sea provides the world’s greatest waters to navigate. With the Sir Frances Drake Channel stretching in front of you, the BVI is truly the centre of the sailing world and a sailor’s paradise, with consistent trade winds to fill your main sail, clear blue water, sunshine every day and islands close enough to navigate by sight. From the main capital island of Tortola, sailors enjoy navigating an incredible cruising area that is about 32 miles long and 15 miles wide.

In order for sailors to enjoy the many beautiful sites both above and below the water, the BVI National Parks Trust has installed over 200 mooring buoys for day-time use at many BVI dive sites.

Another huge plus point about sailing in the BVI is that there are plenty of restaurants and bars accessible from the water serving great food.  Of course, if you prefer, you can cook aboard or barbecue.  

Life on the ocean wave in the British Virgin Islands is indeed a sailor’s paradise.

The World’s Best Sailing – The BVI

If you have sailed in the BVI, you probably know that you have sailed in the most beautiful destination on the planet and no doubt will return.  If you have never sailed in the BVI, then do put it at the top of your “to do” list.

BVI Holidays offer monohulls, catamarans or motor yachts and if, like me, you are a “gin and tonic” sailor, BVI Holidays also has plenty of crewed yachts available, so you can relax and enjoy.  Sailing is the best way to see the islands and there are plenty of bars and restaurants directly accessible from the water.  You can also rent a windsurfer and kayak to take on board so you can just dip in and out of the water whenever you feel like it.  Many of the yachts are also geared up for diving and the BVI has many wonderful and amazing dive sites…reefs and wrecks in abundance!

If there is a group of you, this can be a relatively inexpensive holiday with dozens of deserted beaches and anchorages to enjoy.

You can also combine time afloat with time ashore.

The opportunities are endless and you are very welcome to call me to discuss in more detail – 01279 871188

Virgin Gorda – Top Island in the Caribbean!

I am delighted to share the exciting news that leading publication Travel + Leisure has voted Virgin Gorda as the Top Island for the Caribbean, Bermuda and the Bahamas. It is the latest announcement in a series of good news for the British Virgin Islands when earlier this month it was revealed that a new direct, non-stop flight service between Antigua and Tortola – which is Virgin Gorda’s neighbour, just 20 mins away by boat – will come into effect from 1st November this year. In celebration of this accolade, the new flight and the 50th anniversary of the opening of Rosewood Little Dix Bay on Virgin Gorda, Little Dix Bay is offering a special 7 night package for two.

A landmark year for Rosewood Little Dix Bay, the resort marks 50 years since it was founded by Laurance Rockefeller. Reminiscent of its iconic past whilst looking forward to the next 50 years and beyond, Little Dix Bay is undertaking a multi-million dollar renovation, the first step of which was completed earlier this year with the unveiling of the new Tree House suites. Having undergone a full transformation, these five Tree House Suites are the rebirth of the iconic, stilted Tree House Cottages originally built by Rockefeller and are now luxurious spacious rooms with cool white interiors, large living areas and wraparound terraces with views of the ocean and just steps from the beach.

Exciting times for the BVI and beautiful Virgin Gorda!