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Happy Christmas from BVI Holidays!

Once again we are seeing another year draw to a close.  2015 has held both happy and sad memories for all of us. My thoughts right now are with these poor people in Cumbria who have been flooded for the 3rd time in just a couple of weeks.

On a positive note, our very own Major Tim Peake has become the first Briton in space since 1991.  What a joy and an honour!  God bless him and his two companions and may they arrive home safely following a successful mission.

This year BVI Holidays has been delighted to commence working with several new properties in the British Virgin Islands, but I believe the most momentous is Sir Richard Branson’s very own Moskito Island in the BVI.  The Branson Estate consists of 3 luxury villas which have 11 bedrooms between them.  All with their own swimming pools, they are perfect for a group of friends or families.  BVI Holidays is proud to be associated with promoting this luxurious property.

I wish you all a Happy Christmas and a Happy and Healthy 2016.



Sir Richard Branson and the World’s Smallest Gecko

The Guiness Book of Records lists Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands as home to the world’s smallest reptile.

The British Virgin Islands dwarf sphaero, also referred to as the British Virgin Islands’ dwarf gecko, was discovered in the summer of 1964 by biologist Richard Thomas during a collecting trip along the dry, wooded slopes of Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands.

This tiny gecko has a body length of no more than 3/4 inch and has also been found on Tortola and Sir Richard Branson’s very own Moskito Island in the BVI.

Isn’t he beautiful……

“Sphaerodactylus parthenopion 004” by Alejandro Sánchez

The Branson Estate British Virgin Islands

I have recently returned from another busy yet amazing trip to the beautiful BVI.  I had the privilege of having a private tour of Sir Richard Branson’s most recent island acquisition…Moskito Island.  The accommodation is breathtaking, the beach and pool stunning and the wonderful staff excited about the prospect of welcoming their first guests in 2016.  The Branson Estate will be available for rental starting next year, so watch this space!

On one of my rare afternoons off, I spent my time on the beach at Guana Island relaxing and enjoying watching the pelicans skimming the water and diving for their afternoon snacks!  One of these comfy loungers is waiting for YOU!

2015-11-01 15.15.48

This could only happen in the BVI

I am currently in the beautiful BVI doing the rounds and visiting the wonderful properties with whom I have the privilege of working.

I decided to steal a “cheeky” hour for myself and took a stroll along the white sands of Long Bay Beach Club. I came across a wonderful stall made out of driftwood and palm fronds and a lovely gent, who told me his name was Winston, was selling coconuts and drinks.  I asked him if he could pour me a cold coconut milk drink but hastened to add that I did not have any money with me.  Winston said “no problem, I am here until 7p.m.” and promptly produced what looked very much like a machete and in two swift blows, sliced the top off of the coconut and poured me a wonderful thirst quenching beaker of coconut milk.  I declined his offer to add a shot of rum and wandered off with my lovely drink.  About half an hour later – I went back to pay Winston. 

This could only happen in the beautiful BVI.


Peace and Tranquility on Guana Island

Total relaxation, tranquility, swaying palm trees, white sand beaches, turquoise sea, excellent food, lush green hillsides and stunning views. 

Does this appeal to you??  If the answer is yes and I suspect it is, contact BVI Holidays and we will send you to “that place” and right now “that place” is Guana Island – an 850 acre island with only 18 suites and villas.

Believe me – this is paradise on earth.


Golf on Necker Island??

It could only be Richard Branson who dreamed up an amazing and innovative way such as this to raise money for charity.  Golf on Necker Island in the beautiful British Virgin Islands.

This is not the usual 18 holes around your local.  Richard has created a special Necker Nine that includes challenges such as landing a ball on a trampoline green, hitting skeet out of the air, landing a ball on a floating green in the swimming pool, and even golf pong – whatever that means!

in a unique pro-am golf tournament that begins at Saint Simons Island’s world-class Sea Island Golf Club and continues on Necker Island. The likes of the “Shark” Greg Norman, Michael Campbell, Chevy Chase, Tommy Fleetwood and the Bryan Brothers will all play alongside Richard Branson.

It isn’t all about the golf though; I’m sure they will find time for some sailboat races, island hikes, zip-lining from the Great House on Necker, meeting the animals, including the fascinating Meerkats and a fair few parties too.


Alth0ugh Necker Island in the BVI is Sir Richard Branson’s home, he is willing to share and you can book this idyllic private island for you and your friends or family.

To do this call BVI Holidays.


Yoga Retreat at Bitter End

Bitter End Yacht Club in the beautiful British Virgin Islands is offering a fantastic and rare opportunity to practice yoga and also stand up paddle-boarding – SUP for short, in the BVI.  This is taking place from 2nd February 2016 for 5 nights. 

Accommodation at Bitter End is in wooden cottages with stunning ocean views and your very own hammock swaying gently on your private verandah.  Enjoy a day sail to the world famous Baths in the BVI.

Most of us appreciate the benefits of yoga both spiritually and physically but SUP is a fairly new sport.  A 2013 report called it the outdoor sporting activity with the most first-time participants.  SUP provides a great overall body workout and is particularly good for the core muscles.  With SUP, almost every muscle in the body is used at some point.

I’m afraid I have yet to master it but, hopefully during my next visit to the BVI in November, I will have an opportunity to give it a go!

I don’t think I will quite be able to do this ……

but hopefully this…..

If you are interested in the retreat at Bitter End, please do call BVI Holidays for more details.



Love Temple on Necker Island

Necker Island might be Sir Richard Branson’s home and favourite hideaway but he doesn’t mind sharing!

From 1st January 2016, exclusive rental of Necker Island in the British Virgin Islands, will include Temple House & Love Temple, Sir Richard Branson’s home.  This means that Necker will now accommodate up to 34 guests.  All meals and drinks, including free-flowing champagne and full use of Necker Island’s  facilities, are included.

                                         Love Temple                        

If you are planning a special celebration or a memorable week away with a group of friends, look no further than Necker Island in the beautiful BVI….nothing could be more special.

Ashore/Afloat in the beautiful BVI

I have recently returned from yet another wonderful trip to the beautiful British Virgin Islands.  I travel there twice yearly to keep up to date with the constant improvements that property owners make to their hotels, villas and apartments to ensure that their little piece of paradise in the BVI is kept to a high standard for you, their valued guest.

I was particularly excited to see the new tented rooms on the beach at the Anegada Beach Club on Anegada.  Look here aren’t they amazing!

TentDeckSunset 1746TentBRNight 1989

I am also delighted to announce that BVI Holidays is now officially working with a beautiful 62′ yacht called Crystal Clear. Her skipper Charly and his wife Carolina are the perfect hosts and they will be happy to accommodate guests for as little as 2 nights, if you would just like a sailing “taster”.  The food on board is amazing and all meals and drinks are included in the charter fee.

DSCF8363 (2)

Isn’t she a beauty!  A truly wonderful holiday would be to combine 4 or 5 nights at Anegada Beach Club with 4 or 5 nights aboard Crystal Clear, cruising around the beautiful British Virgin Islands…..Pina Colada in hand…..need I say more?

If this is of interest to you….you know where I am!

Until next time….

Election Fever Over

The 2015 general election is well and truly over and David Cameron is once more ensconced back into 10 Downing Street to the delight of many and the dismay of some. Whatever the outcome, you can never please all of the people all of the time and it is the same with holidays.  We all like different things and the beauty of the British Virgin Islands is that this amazing destination can offer something for almost everyone….

The diving is spectacular in BVI, the fishing is varied from bone fishing to deep sea, the BVI is a sailor’s paradise.  People who enjoy walking can go on some challenging hikes on Tortola or Virgin Gorda or just gentle strolls.  Beach lovers can relax in hammocks, on sun loungers or floating mattresses while the more active can windsurf, go kiteboarding at Bitter End or Anegada and surfing on Tortola near Bomba’s Shack.  Many hotels and beaches offer dinghy sailing and water skiing and the snorkelling is superb all over the British Virgin Islands.  Tennis clinics are held at various hotels – Peter Island, Little Dix and if you like good food and wine, the British Virgin Islands offer some of the world’s finest cuisine.

For couples, families and singles – the British Virgin Islands has something for YOU!