The 2015 general election is well and truly over and David Cameron is once more ensconced back into 10 Downing Street to the delight of many and the dismay of some. Whatever the outcome, you can never please all of the people all of the time and it is the same with holidays.  We all like different things and the beauty of the British Virgin Islands is that this amazing destination can offer something for almost everyone….

The diving is spectacular in BVI, the fishing is varied from bone fishing to deep sea, the BVI is a sailor’s paradise.  People who enjoy walking can go on some challenging hikes on Tortola or Virgin Gorda or just gentle strolls.  Beach lovers can relax in hammocks, on sun loungers or floating mattresses while the more active can windsurf, go kiteboarding at Bitter End or Anegada and surfing on Tortola near Bomba’s Shack.  Many hotels and beaches offer dinghy sailing and water skiing and the snorkelling is superb all over the British Virgin Islands.  Tennis clinics are held at various hotels – Peter Island, Little Dix and if you like good food and wine, the British Virgin Islands offer some of the world’s finest cuisine.

For couples, families and singles – the British Virgin Islands has something for YOU!