I am currently in the beautiful BVI doing the rounds and visiting the wonderful properties with whom I have the privilege of working.

I decided to steal a “cheeky” hour for myself and took a stroll along the white sands of Long Bay Beach Club. I came across a wonderful stall made out of driftwood and palm fronds and a lovely gent, who told me his name was Winston, was selling coconuts and drinks.  I asked him if he could pour me a cold coconut milk drink but hastened to add that I did not have any money with me.  Winston said “no problem, I am here until 7p.m.” and promptly produced what looked very much like a machete and in two swift blows, sliced the top off of the coconut and poured me a wonderful thirst quenching beaker of coconut milk.  I declined his offer to add a shot of rum and wandered off with my lovely drink.  About half an hour later – I went back to pay Winston. 

This could only happen in the beautiful BVI.