Apologies for my “radio silence”!  It was a very busy end to 2014 and an extremely busy start to 2015.  Happy New Year to you all!

Did everyone enjoy the Necker Island programme?  BVI Holidays has been inundated with enquiries and the Celebration Weeks are a great way to experience Necker without having to take over the whole island.  Biras Creek Resort on Virgin Gorda also started the New Year off with some amazing offers – 2 nights free in 7 in the summer including meals and a credit against your air travel and…1 night free during these cold, dark winter months!  Call BVI Holidays to book these amazing deals!

The Sugar Mill Hotel on Tortola is a great little boutique hotel offering friendly and efficient service and the food is amazing!

If you are looking at BVI Holidays’ website but just don’t know, which property is best for you, do please call and I will be happy to make some suitable recommendations to suit you and your budget too.