Let constant trade winds fill your mainsail.

Whether you’re a first-time sailor or an experienced captain, when it comes to sailing in the British Virgin Islands, the Caribbean Sea provides the world’s greatest waters to navigate. With the Sir Frances Drake Channel stretching in front of you, the BVI is truly the centre of the sailing world and a sailor’s paradise, with consistent trade winds to fill your main sail, clear blue water, sunshine every day and islands close enough to navigate by sight. From the main capital island of Tortola, sailors enjoy navigating an incredible cruising area that is about 32 miles long and 15 miles wide.

In order for sailors to enjoy the many beautiful sites both above and below the water, the BVI National Parks Trust has installed over 200 mooring buoys for day-time use at many BVI dive sites.

Another huge plus point about sailing in the BVI is that there are plenty of restaurants and bars accessible from the water serving great food.  Of course, if you prefer, you can cook aboard or barbecue.  

Life on the ocean wave in the British Virgin Islands is indeed a sailor’s paradise.