The wreck of the Royal Mail Ship Rhone which lies at the bottom of the Caribbean Sea in the British Virgin Islands off of Salt Island, is regarded as the premier wreck dive of the Caribbean.  Divers say they can feel the haunting presence of those who went down with the steamship during a category five hurricane which swept through the BVI on October 29, 1867. Whether swimming through the bow section or investigating the intricate gears laid open in the stern, touching the signal cannon or wondering at the neat order of the wrenches laid out in the midsection, there is both the feel of history and the feel of the mysterious.

The twisted iron hulk still gives us cause to consider the power of nature over man, and the ghosts that still haunt the wreck. But the true message of the RMS Rhone lies in the life which has taken firm hold here. A life which has taken form in hundreds of different colours and shapes. One which allows divers to briefly share in the continuing cycle and appreciate the beauty and diversity of the underwater world in the BVI.

The British Virgin Islands offers some of the best diving worldwide.

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