Apologies for my radio silence – I have been on holiday in Australia for the past 4 weeks visiting Sydney, Adelaide, Alice Springs, Katherine, Darwin and Perth.

Beautiful beaches are plentiful in Australia but sadly swimming is a dangerous pastime from most beaches due to the prevalence of sharks and crocodiles.  Some beaches have shark nets to cordon off a safe bathing area, but you do not see many people in the sea.

In the beautiful British Virgin Islands the swimming is safe and you can actually snorkel with sand or nurse sharks which are harmless to humans and if you are lucky enough to spot a school of dolphins, your day will be complete.

Australia and the BVI – two very different and truly amazing destinations.  If you don’t fancy travelling for a day and a half, choose the BVI – only a short hop (by comparison!) from Gatwick to Antigua, then on to Tortola.

Below – idyllic snorkelling at the Indians in the beautiful British Virgin Islands.