Every full moon in the British Virgin Islands, if you visit Trellis Bay, you will be treated to a truly spectacular sight….fire balls on the beach.

Aragorn’s Fire Sculptures are each uniquely designed and created by hand from steel spheres ranging in size from 12 inches to 5 feet in diameter.  These sculptures are made by hand cutting the elaborate stories out of steel balls and then placing firewood inside them. Lighting them ablaze is a truly incredible sight to see.  With each phase of the fire, from raging start to ember-glowing finish, the imagery changes.

Once the design was perfected, Aragorn continued to develop new shapes such as his Fire Cubes and Pyramids.

Aragorn’s Fire Sculptures are on display outside his studio on the beach at Trellis Bay, on Beef Island in the British Virgin Islands and are photographed daily by visitors and art appreciators. Each Full Moon and during the Trellis Bay New Year’s Eve festival, he places the Fire Sculptures on mounts in the sea just beyond the shoreline for the public to view. The sculptures are fueled with firewood and set ablaze. On New Year’s Eve the festivities gain momentum against a backdrop of fountains and fireworks accentuating the life and movement of the sculptures themselves.

Aragorn’s Fire Sculptures are in several private collections and galleries around the world, but originated in the BVI.  Custom fire sculptures are available for purchase from his studio at Trellis Bay, British Virgin Islands.