If you have sailed in the BVI, you probably know that you have sailed in the most beautiful destination on the planet and no doubt will return.  If you have never sailed in the BVI, then do put it at the top of your “to do” list.

BVI Holidays offer monohulls, catamarans or motor yachts and if, like me, you are a “gin and tonic” sailor, BVI Holidays also has plenty of crewed yachts available, so you can relax and enjoy.  Sailing is the best way to see the islands and there are plenty of bars and restaurants directly accessible from the water.  You can also rent a windsurfer and kayak to take on board so you can just dip in and out of the water whenever you feel like it.  Many of the yachts are also geared up for diving and the BVI has many wonderful and amazing dive sites…reefs and wrecks in abundance!

If there is a group of you, this can be a relatively inexpensive holiday with dozens of deserted beaches and anchorages to enjoy.

You can also combine time afloat with time ashore.

The opportunities are endless and you are very welcome to call me to discuss in more detail – 01279 871188