One of the most spectacular beaches in the BVI is Smugglers’ Cove on Tortola.  It does not have the easiest access, as the road down to Smugglers is full of potholes and rocks to navigate around but when you arrive and step onto that glorious white sand beach, it is truly a “wow” factor and well worth the effort!

Bob Denniston, a classic car enthusiast, used to keep his vintage 1966 Lincoln Continental convertible, parked inside the beach bar at Smuggler’s Cove. The vehicle wasn’t the newest on the island of Tortola at that time, but was undoubtedly the jazziest, with clean lines and red leather seats. It was chosen to transport our very own Queen Elizabeth in her open motorcade when she visited Tortola in 1977.  A reception in her honour was held aboard the Royal Yacht Britannia, and Bob and his wife Nell had a chat with her Majesty at the time. The Queen acknowledged that she was aware that their car was transporting her around Tortola. Nell mentioned to the Queen, that they “had spent all of last night cleaning out the empty beer cans left in the back seat by our kids.” Apparently, the Queen shared a smile with her, stating “my children do the same thing!”