I have just returned from yet another busy but productive trip to the beautiful British Virgin Islands.  So many new and exciting things happening – a new hotel springing up on Cane Garden Bay, a wonderful new restaurant called Tropical Fusion in a setting to die for with the most amazing food.  I absolutely never take photos of my food but…I had to make an exception in this case and this was the tranquil scene as I ate.

Another new discovery was on Anegada in the shape of a small collection of villas with pool.  Quality people doing quality things to keep the standards up and their flags flying.

The BVI retains its beauty and its charm and the friendliness of the people and their eagerness to ensure that their visitors have a memorable holiday and will want to return to their islands, really is second to none.

If your choice is a villa on the beach, a small boutique hotel, a sail boat or a motor yacht or….a combination of these, BVI Holidays will be delighted to arrange this for you.

If you are considering visiting the British Virgin Islands for the first time or if you are contemplating a return visit – pick up the phone and call BVI Holidays.  A truly amazing experience awaits you.