There is something exciting about salt water fish! Especially in the beautiful British Virgin Islands!

The will to survive gives them their ferocity and tenacity.  A 16″ bonefish has three times the strength and stamina of a 20″ rainbow trout.  Pike are like kittens compared to tarpon.

As all of you fly fisherman know, salt water fly fishing is the fastest growing sport in the world. Catching them “on the fly” is one of the most rewarding fishing experiences imaginable.  Somebody once said that his father had taught him to fish, but that he couldn’t have been listening when his father told him how to actually catch the fish!

With experienced guides, locations to die for and state of the art equipment, you will have the most satisfying and rewarding fishing trip of your life! There are numerous un-fished flats and reefs in the BVI teeming with Bonefish, Permit and Tarpon.

Come to the BVI and fish the flats.  Click here for more information.