Thanks in no small measure to you Joyce, we had a really super time. We would go back to Cocos quick as a flash given half an opportunity !

Our cottage was great – and we know it is the premier one (Number 5) in the complex. In fact it is the one mainly featured on their web site and was the envy of the people we partied up with. We guess that this was a major up-grade triggered by you. The rooms were well refreshed on a daily basis – including the well stocked bar, sorry, I meant fridge, and our own private plunge pool was well maintained. Our partially covered wide verandah facilitated a beautiful 270 degree uninterrupted view of the sea and beach – the sunsets were amazing.

We cannot speak too highly of the staff – every single one of them were consistently happy, smiling & friendly and couldn’t do enough for us (or for everyone else for that matter).

Food may not have been best-in-the-world but most certainly it was the top side of good and there was plenty of it. The staff friendliness and attitude together with the menu variety on offer more than made up for any fussy cuisine shortfalls!

‘Beverage’ was never a prob whether in quantity, variety, or ‘ambience’ with regard to where one wished to consume it – restaurant, bar, beach bar, room/terrace, wherever you wanted it.

We had a really lovely time and many thanks for it to you once again.

Finally, please keep the place secret!

Kindest regards and best wishes

Jan & Alan H