When I mentioned “Bareboat” to someone the other day, they replied “a what”?  We often presume that everyone knows the difference between a bareboat and a crewed yacht and between a catamaran and a monohull.

The British Virgin Islands offers the best sailing in the world.  This statement is endorsed by the sailing fraternity who have been lucky enough to experience the BVI from the water.

A bareboat charter is for those who have comprehensive sailing experience and are capable of skippering a yacht for themselves and their friends or family.

A crewed yacht is for the G & T “sailors” who would love to experience life on the ocean wave but have no sailing experience.  You don’t need any – you will have gourmet meals cooked for you by your competent and caring crew and your favourite wines, beers and cocktails served to you – all included in the cost. Your stateroom with en suite facilities will be serviced for you each day.  All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the stunning scenery of the beautiful BVI.

What type of yacht would you like?  A monohull is just what it says – a yacht with one hull and great for the gung-ho sailors and people who don’t mind a bit of hard, but enjoyable, work!  A catamaran has two hulls and is more stable in the water (no heeling over!).  A catamaran also has more deck space.  The “trampoline” at the front is great for relaxing and sunbathing as your skipper navigates the islands and moors up at yet another deserted white sand beach.

How do you choose which type of yacht you would like?  I use the analogy comparing an automatic car to a manual – the manual requires a bit more work and concentration, the automatic does some of the work for you.

BVI Holidays offers a vast selection of yachts including motor yachts and power catamarans, which you may prefer to hoisting the sail.  Being under power means you can cover and see more of the beautiful BVI – breakfast at Trellis Bay, lunch at Peter Island and dinner at the Bitter End Yacht Club.  You can of course just throw a steak on your on-board barbecue and chill out at one of the many bars which are easily accessible from the water.

Sizes range from small yachts at 32′  (perfect for a couple) to the larger yachts some of which can sleep 12 people in six lovely cabins all with en suite.

A lovely combination is to have time ashore followed by time afloat.  Anything is possible.

September is drawing to a close and the nights are drawing in. The temperature is dropping and soon the central heating will be on.  My thoughts are certainly turning towards warmer temperatures – are yours?

Do call BVI Holidays if you are interested in sailing around the beautiful BVI.