Anegada – meaning “drowned island” is the most northern of the beautiful British Virgin Islands.  Surrounded by coral, it can be every sailor’s nightmare but IS every beach lover’s dream.  You can walk for miles on Anegada’s pristine white sand beaches and enjoy snorkelling in the warm, turquoise blue waters.  You can also go bone-fishing, kitesurfing, kayaking or spot some of the 200 pink flamingos who have their home on Anegada.

The 18-mile (29 km) long Horseshoe Reef is the largest barrier coral reef in the Caribbean and the fourth largest on earth.  The reef makes navigation to Anegada difficult and charter companies often forbid clients to sail to Anegada to avoid running aground on the reef.

Anegada is the second largest island in the BVI and sparsely populated with only 325 residents.  Sometimes the visitors outnumber the residents!

Anegada Beach Club and Anegada Reef Hotel are two of the lovely properties that we work with on Anegada – both very different and each with their own charm.

If being on a Robinson Crusoe type island appeals to you….far from the madding crowd, then call to book your holiday to unspoilt and beautiful Anegada.  It is possible to combine two islands if you prefer.